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From: Henry Biegacz
Date :

Dear friend,

Every day, worries over that seemingly un-shrinkable debt invade your mind.

Think one week, one month, even two years from now…

…Can you really stand to tolerate that much more emotional and psychological torment?

Because you and me both have to face the horrible truth:

Your shackles of debt will NOT disappear on their own.

You’ll need expert guidance, unbiased advice and a heck of a lot of secret knowledge.

Having said that, it won’t be impossible.

In fact, far from it… countless people around the globe are waking up to the fraud’s of the corrupt global financial system and are working hard to FREE themselves from the very debt that threatens to enslave them!

Buying on Credit Cards

“Throw Those Credit Card Bills Out the Window — It‘s Time to Discover How to Wipe-Out Every Last Cent Of Gut-Wrenching Credit Card Debt When You Instantly Put These ‘Special Ops“ Tactics in Action For Fast-Acting Relief From Even the Most Eye-Popping Mound of Debt!”

Believe me, when I say fast-acting…

I MEAN, fast-acting!

It doesn’t take an Einstein to notice the clear distinction between useful, valuable information… and useless junk.

Which is I’m inviting you to take a sneak peak at what you’ll be learning today.

Then, and only then, will you realise that you have stumbled upon a GOLDMINE of knowledge that will free your mind, body and soul from the clutches of debt, FOREVER!

So why not skip straight to it?

You know, I could sit here all day and blabber on about how “amazing” this digital guide is, but I’d rather let the content speak for itself.

And, to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t believe there is anything “magical” about it.

The results that are produced using the information, may be amazing and magical to you and me and everyone, YES, but… this information is available for anyone who has the time, maturity and open-mindedness to view it, and ACT on it.

“Get a Good Look at the Golden Gem’s You’ll be Finding in Your Virtual Treasure Chest of Hidden Knowledge – coincidentally titled “Secrets to Eliminating Credit Card Debt and Getting Yourself Back on Financial Track!”

Secrets to Eliminating Credit Card Debt

  • When I uncovered these 8 shocking statistics on page 12 that expose how this “Debt Epidemic” has tightened its grip on countless victims, my jaw hit the floor. You, too, could fast be becoming “just another statistic?”
  • Money-grubbing banks and lenders are tickled pink that millions of victims are racking up ocean-deep debts just off interest payments ALONE. Protect yourself with this must-know information on interest rates and the “sneaky tricks” used by banks to prey on YOU! (p.14)
  • Every year, credit card companies mail a barrage of credit card solicitations to normal people just like you…and when you flip to page 17 for the “insider’s confession” on what they’re REALLY after, you’ll never look at those junk letters the same way again!
  • It’s no secret that EVERYONE hates credit-card debt — including you. Nevertheless, you probably just hate it for the same reasons everyone else does…and not because of the four disastrous consequences exposed on page 20 that seem to “sneak up” from out of nowhere!
  • Having a bad credit score does not JUST prevent you from purchasing a home or car. In fact, being just a FEW measly points below the “ideal score” can also slam a big, fat roadblock in the way the moment you decide to do the 3 routine errands described on page 20!
  • Having your home foreclosed on will tank your credit rating — duh! But are you aware of the 12 other “Credit Killers” divulged on page 22 that credit card companies are just PRAYING for you to stumble on so that they can NUKE your credit score like a Thanksgiving turkey?
  • If your ball-and-chain credit debt is gnawing like a rabid wolf at your personal relationships, then I wrote the life-saving information – on page 25 that discusses rescuing familial and romantic bonds strained by credit worries – just for you!
  • Just ONE glance at these 2 astonishing charts on page 27 and you’ll uncover the “real story” on how much of your monthly income is zapped to pay-off even the SMALLEST amounts of debt!
  • If your “deep-dish debt” hasn’t affected you in ANY of the 6 most personal ways described on page 28, then just you wait until you make a simple trip to the store!
  • Reducing that mountain of credit card debt doesn’t have to be like whittling away at Mount Rushmore with a toothpick, and with a simple flip to page 30, you’ll open your eyes up to 8 hotly-coveted tips and techniques DESIGNED to zap even the most massive debts in NO time at all!
  • If you’ve EVER tried to negotiate a new rate, then you know that it can be like pulling teeth from a lion. However, if you have my “Expert Negotiator’s” guide on page 31 on-hand when you call up the credit company, they’ll practically have no choice but to lower your rate!
  • Sometimes you just gotta STOP spending money — easier said than done, right? Not if you let the 5 cash-saving techniques on page 35 help you to cut down on expenses and put cash in YOUR pocket!
  • Millions of people could be saving money and keeping credit card debt to a minimum if only they would pay with THIS instead of a credit card! (p. 36)
  • Take my word for it: The easiest way to pile-up thousands of dollars in credit card debt is to lose track of your spending…which is why the debt collection agencies are desperately trying to “censor” these life-saving tactics revealed on page 40 that will track every cent you spend!
  • Cut out these 8 “distractions” pinpointed on page 41 from your budget and you won’t just not miss them, but your debt will practically pay-off itself!
  • If you haven’t started saving potentially hundreds of dollars per month on the 5 basic necessities outlined on page 42, then it’s time to get “in the know”…that is, unless you WANT to miss-out on the “secret method” that thousands of people are jumping-on to pay off stubborn debt!
  • In this topsy-turvy whirlwind of economic uncertainty, everyone’s biting the bullet and cutting out luxuries. But why say “sayonara” to your favorite “guilty pleasures” when you can use these clever tricks to instantly reduce the amount spent on these 6 items? (p. 44)
  • If your credit card debt is weighing you down like an anchor tied to your leg, then sit-down for a “Private Consultation” with yours truly on page 46, where I’ll outline your totally customized, step-by-step plan that will unveil how to make that unsightly lump of debt DISAPPEAR with the flick of a “magic wand.” All you’ve gotta do is follow the steps!
  • Does your budget list THESE 3 items in THIS specific order? Yes, it matters — boot-up Acrobat Reader and zoom to page 49 and see for yourself!
  • *SPECIAL REPORT:* Turbo charge your debt-repayment efforts by harnessing any of these 7 totally legal ways to earn money with ZERO start-up capital. That’s right — you can print-out these sizzling-hot cash-raking revolutions TONIGHT and spend the weekend counting crisp, just-earned income!

“And that Ain‘t All You‘ll Dig Out of Your Own Digital Copy of “Secrets to Eliminating Credit Card Debt and Getting Yourself Back on Financial Track!”

Oh no, there’s much more that I couldn’t fit on this website.

I’d have a fat chance of summarizing all the golden nuggets of wizdom contained in this book because we’re talking mountains of secret methods and hidden knowledge – well, they were until now!

I mean, even as it is right now, you can see from the short list above, there is no shortage of information inside my enclyopedia of knowledge, is there?

However, like I said, that’s only a short summary.

Obviously I kept EVERYTHING you could possibly EVER want or need to know inside the book, but on this page I listed what I thought would be most important to you.

I could be wrong though.

Which is why the only way you’ll really understand how many debt-shackle-busting techniques there are jammed into this incredible resource.

And you want those techniques to be instantly implementable!

You’ll see what I mean in a second!

Hear me out: If negotiating with the bank or lender for a lower rate is like haggling with a hobo for his last burger wrapper, then you obviously haven’t spoken these 2 “Magic Words”…*

…(You‘ll Find Out Exactly What these 2 Magic words are When You Flip Open Your Copy of “Eliminate that Credit Card Debt and Get Yourself Back on Financial Track” and Head Down to Page 50 Onwards)…

*…that back fat-cat banks into a corner and make it nearly impossible for them NOT to lower your rate!

This is important.

If you ever plan on buying a new home, car, even a television set…

Are you prepared to encounter the insurmountable roadblocks that will be dropped in front of you whenever you decide that you want to enjoy something more expensive than a cheeseburger?

Nope, I didn’t think you were.

And for a measly $37 bucks, is it worth risking?

Seriously, that’s all this guide is.

Yes, I did think about $127, $97 and also very recently $67.

The potential value of all the information within this guide is more than the sum of all those figures multiplied by ten.

That’s because these tactics are worth their weight in GOLD!

Besides all that and besides the need to make a profit and pay for advertising (and of course, earn a living!) the main reason I created this manual was for the very title I gave it.

This is why it’s a bit pointless me asking you to plunk $67-$127 or more down on the table when you are probably already very heavily in debt, and have MAX’d out your cards.

“In Any Case, the Wisest Decision Will be to Get Hold of $37 As Quickly As You Can. You CAN’T Possibly Do Without this Info! You Will FAIL!”

I cannot stress this enough, so I simply will not.

I trust that you will make the right decision.

I have given you plenty of advice, I will be giving you heaps more… and that is about as much as I can do.

I can show you what to do and how to do it, but ultimately, YOU are going to have to do it yourself (with my help obviously!).

YOU have to make this move.

Go on; secure your copy right now for $37!

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Henry Biegacz

P.S. 1 — The debt figures on those monthly bills that never fail to arrive in your mailbox are simply cold, uncaring numbers that will NEVER shrink — that is, unless you reach-out and grab the magic wand that I‘m offering you in this moment to totally vaporize your debt…

P.S. 2 — …But you had better wave it fast, because the “Credit Collection Mafia” and their multi-billion-dollar “Enforcement Agency” are blasting me with every weapon in their arsenal — and I don’t know how much longer my “Rescue Fortress” can hold-up to their endless barrage of legal threats and relentless litigation…

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